Tikka Cottage


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Tandoori Chicken On the bone3.45
Mixed Hors's D'ouveres Chicken Tikka Sheek Kebab, Samosa and Onion Bhajee all in one4.95
StUffed Peppers Green pepper stuffed with minced lamb4.25
Chicken Or Lamb Foti Tikka stir fried green pepper and onions in light spices, wrapped in special bread3.95
Chicken Dumpling Slices of barbecued chicken, deep fried in butter3.95
Vegetarian Dosa Vegetables stir fried with green pepper and onions in light spices wrapped in special bread3.95
Chilli Panner Cheese (Paneer) cubes cooked with green chillies and tomato lightly spiced4.25
Mixed Kebab Consists of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab 4.75
Gilafi Sheek Minced chicken cooked with peppers, onion, coriander leaves and roasted in the tandoor4.25
Crab Patis Crab lightly spice with bread cram slowly fry4.95
Onion Bhajee3.25
Boti Machli Kebab Marinated Boneless fish cubes in light spices, barbecued with red pepper and red onions 4.45
Shami or Sheek kebab Minced lamb3.45
King Prawn Butterfly5.50
Prawn Puree Spiced prawns on a thin fried bread3.50
King Prawn Puree Spiced king prawns on a thin fried bread5.45
Chat Puree (chicken or aloo)3.45
Shahi Prawn Tiger prawns deep fried and served with sauce3.95
Keema Puree Spiced minced lamb on a thin fried bread3.50
Prawn Cocktail3.25
Samosa Meat or vegetable3.25
Garlic Mushroom3.25
Soup Lentils or Maligatawny3.25
Sula Salmon Fresh Salmon marinated with spice and dill glazed golden cooked in the clay oven5.50
Tandoori Lamb Chop 2 pieces, marinated with spices cooked in theclay oven4.50
Tuna Bora The best tuna you have ever had! Tuna chunks mixed with finely chopped shallots, onion and coriander, splashed lightly with ground spices, coated with egg, golden bread crumbs and individually pan fried4.45
Chicken or Lamb Tikka3.45

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