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Supreme Sea Food

Monsoon Machli filled fish cuts deep fried with fresh spices and herbs,cooked in aspicy creamy sauce with a hint of mustard and dried red chillies8.95
Machli Fry Filled slices of fish, marinated with light spice and mustard oil, deep fried and garnished with fresh coriander. Served with stir fried onion and slices of pepper8.95
Machli a la Creme fish steaks, cooked with coconut milk, honey and delicate cocktail of spices and herbs8.95
Prawn Sizzle red prawns cooked with hot chilli in a tangy sauce,garnished with fresh coriander8.95
Roopchanda golden brown whole fish on the bone cooked under slow heat with chopped onion coriander and touch of garlic8.95
King fish well seasoned fillet of fresh water fish with medium spices10.95
Crab Jhal hot cooked with chilled pickle spice and herbs10.95
Chingri king prawns sliced in half, cooked in a medium sauce garnished with coriander13.95
Methi Machli medium deep fried fish cooked in bengal style with fenugreek as well as other spices and herbs8.95
Boti Machli Kebab medium barbecued filled fish cubes,red peppers and red onions marinated with blend of very light spices and herbs, cooked in a clay oven9.95
Salmon Bahar medium grilled fillet then garnished with stir fried beans, carrots, baby corn and soya sauce11.95
Machli Tikka Bhuna Medium barbecued fish with a delicate blend of spices and herbs and cooked in a medium spiced sauce8.95

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