Tikka Cottage


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Tikka Cottage Special

Korahi chicken or lamb cooked with fried herbs and spices garnished with tomatoes, green peppers and onions.7.95
Butter Chicken or Lamb specially blended mild sauce of cream with almonds and butter8.95
Tikka Massala chicken or lamb, barbecued in a freshly made tandoori sauce, consists of home made yoghurt with our finest collection of herbs and spices.7.95
Xacuti chicken or lamb a south indian chicken curry which in highly spiced prepared using coconut.8.95
Chicken Makhanwalla tandoori spring chicken off the bone, cooked in a tomato base with butter and honey sauce.8.95
Chilli Massala fairly hot, barbecued chicken or lamb with a hint of fresh chillies,onions,herbs spices and cooked with pure ghee.7.95
Passanda a delicious flavour chicken or lamb garnished with ground almond, coconut, fresh cream and a touch of pure ghee.7.95
Makani barbecued chicken or lamb cooked mild creamy sauce7.95
Tikka Moricha fairly hot, chicken or lamb barbecued and cooked mild creamy sauce7.95
Tikka Jalfreizi (hot) chicken or lamb, cooked with tomatoes, green chillies,onions,special herbs and spices7.95
Chicken or Lamb Bombay bombay dishes medium hot and spicy with egg and potatoes9.95
Badami Sag Gost or Chicken tender fillet of lamb or chicken marinated in garlic, ginger, cooked with spinash and cashew nut7.95
Lemon Chicken or Lamb breast of chicken marinated in lemon and aromatic spice with peppers diced onions,coriander, garlic and ginger8.95
Chicken or Lamb luko chopi chicken or lamb mince staff with egg lightly fry, cooked with chefs own recipe11.95
Captain's Pathila (hot) tender strips of chicken, lamb or prawns prepared with very special herbs and spices including coriander, mint, garlic and yoghurt in a rich, tangy sauce. This really is a exotic and flavour some dish7.95
Garlic Duck barbecued duck cooked with fresh garlic and spices in a medium rice sauce8.95
Tandoori Duck Jalfreizi cooked with tomatoes, green chillies, onions, special herbs and spices8.95
Duck Massala barbecued in a freshly made tandoori sauce, consists of home made yoghurt with our finest collection of herbs and spices8.95
King Prawn Chilli Massala fairly hot12.95
Khadi Gosht (fairly hot) cooked with bulb chilli and chef's special spices8.95
Chop Bahar (medium) barbecued chope cooked in special sauce, boiled sliced egg on top9.95
Chicken Madhuri (mild) barbecued chicken cooked with, mushroom,almond coconut and cream. Honey on top8.95
Satkora chicken or lamb cooked with special vegetable cross between lime and lemon traditional bangladeshi curry10.95
Lamb shank on the bone lamb slow cooked till tander in a medium sauce12.95
Lamb handy (medium) Lamb chop cooked with medium spice10.95
Tandoori King Prawn Massala king prawns cooked in freshly made tandoori sauce, consists of home12.95

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